Paul Macherey

A designer, builder, and entrepreneur for 20 years, Paul established Xenophorm Design and Fabrication as a way of exploring and controlling the process of

design from inception through construction.  At Xenophorm the goal is to pragmatically analyze intelligent formal operations and fabrication processes, while exploring material and structural alternatives. 

Previously, Paul was a design team leader at Studio Pei-Zhu in Beijing, China where he was given the directive of creating cutting edge design solutions for an art center, museum, office tower, and a 300,000 sqm multiuse development project.

Prior to that Paul was a Jr. Architect at BplusU in Los Angeles where he was the lead 3d designer.  Paul received his Masters in Architecture in 2008 from SciArc and a Bachelor in Communications from Michigan State University in 1995. Between that time he designed custom furniture from his shop in Telluride, Colorado and was a Production Designer (Art Director) for motion pictures, commercials, and print advertising.

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